The Carmon Group Places Matt Swenson as VP of Sales within Presidium

Cleveland, OH (March 24, 2020) – The Carmon Group is pleased to announce that Matt Swenson has joined Presidium as the company’s VP Sales. As a core part of Presidium’s executive leadership team, Matt will report directly into the organization’s President & CEO and will be responsible for running Sales and Technical Service activities for Presidium.

Matt brings over twenty years of multi-functional Composites related experiences into the Presidium business portfolio. Prior to joining the company, Matt was employed by Dixie Chemical as the company’s VP of Sales where he was responsible for significantly growing the company’s revenue stream and diversification of their customer base since the 2015 timeframe. Previous roles included: P&L assignment as President of a Composites distribution organization, VP of Marketing & Product Management, Global Accounts Director, Regional Director of Composite Sales, Technical Sales and Production Management assignments. Matt received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming.

About Presidium ( Established in 2011, Presidium is a disruptive technology company creating new engineered materials at its research and development facilities in London, Ontario and Schenectady, New York. Presidium's first product line was released in late 2017. RevoTherm™ (short for revolutionary thermoset) is a new patented two-part (A+B) resin system with material properties capable of replacing fiberglass in many applications without the need for glass reinforcements. RevoTherm™ is mixed and pumped directly into part molds through commercially available meter mix systems. Final part production is made easy, cost competitive and environmentally friendly. In many cases a finished part is made in minutes rather than hours, saving time, material and cost for the part manufacturer and their customer. Presidium’s second product line was released earlier this year. Q4 is a new patented silicone-based engineered material with unique strength and impact properties that can be dialed-in to “protect” from and/or “absorb” multiple impacts. It can also be used in energy absorption and damping applications.

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