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The Carmon Group Places Mark Kujawski as Chief Technology Officer within Presidium

Cleveland, OH (December 19, 2018) – The Carmon Group is pleased to announce that Mark Kujawski has joined Presidium as the company’s Chief Technology Officer. Mark will be directly responsible for spearheading all things revolving around Research and Development and Technical-related initiatives for Presidium’s product portfolio.

Mark has spent the past six years as a Senior Research Scientist in the Performance Materials division at BASF. While at BASF, Mark specialized in the formulation, processing, and testing of new thermoplastic polyurethane resin chemistries for advanced applications. Prior to BASF, Mark had a startup company called Smart Composites which produced electrically-conductive elastomers for sensing and actuation. Mark obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Central Michigan University. Additionally, Mark completed his Post-Doctorate work at the University of Maryland where he also received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering.

About Presidium ( Established in 2011, Presidium is a disruptive technology company creating new engineered materials at its research and development facilities in London, Ontario and Schenectady, New York. Presidium's first product line was released in late 2017. RevoTherm™ (short for revolutionary thermoset) is a new patented two-part (A+B) resin system with material properties capable of replacing fiberglass in many applications without the need for glass reinforcements. RevoTherm™ is mixed and pumped directly into part molds through commercially available meter mix systems. Final part production is made easy, cost competitive and environmentally friendly. In many cases a finished part is made in minutes rather than hours, saving time, material and cost for the part manufacturer and their customer. Presidium’s second product line was released earlier this year. Q4 is a new patented silicone-based engineered material with unique strength and impact properties that can be dialed-in to “protect” from and/or “absorb” multiple impacts. It can also be used in energy absorption and damping applications.

Chris Calogeras was the search consultant managing this project.  The Carmon Group is a Cleveland, Ohio-based, entrepreneurial, retained search firm. Our firm has a consistent track record for delivering the highest quality services which have a measurable and significant ROI on our clients’ businesses. We selectively partner with the best growth businesses throughout the United States.