The Importance of: Focus

We bought our company from a previous investment group and it needed an overhaul. The management team was tired and my objective was simple: every time someone left the company was an opportunity to upgrade. The Carmon Group helped me with that objective.

I was introduced to them by a referral. The kind of thing where you meet, take the business card and put it away until you need them. And when the time came to replace my Engineering Director, a key position at Heat Seal, I gave them a call.

It wasn't really the idea of retained search that attracted me to The Carmon Group. It was more about their process of being able to successfully penetrate the talent pool through direct sourcing to ultimately secure the right candidate for us. Our emphasis is more on thinking styles and behavioral traits. I needed to find the right person to fit into my organization. They excel at filling super critical roles that require a narrowly focused set of criteria including education, experience, behaviors and values.

They work hard to deliver a high-quality service and continue the search until the right person is found. They don't put three people in front of you and say, "Pick one." That's not how they operate. We talk about the spec and the fundamental values and beliefs of the company, and then they search for candidates that are in alignment.

I've been around enough search firms to know the great ones. They target organizations and somehow just find the talent. Great recruiters are great networkers, and not just on LinkedIn. They make calls and they talk to people. They find the talented people who become open to new opportunities. The Carmon Group exemplifies this in all they do.

About the Company

Heat Seal manufactures a full line of packaging and process equipment for the food service and industrial packaging industries. Heat Seal specializes in industrial packaging, food service equipment and stainless steel tables.