The Importance of: Confidence

I was looking for a high level position, the Vice President of Human Resources. My instinct told me that I needed to interact with a high-level organization to find the right candidate. I needed someone who was competent and had very specific international experience. The Carmon Group had reached out to me and just over a few conversations I felt that they were a good fit for this critical hire.

They had a solid understanding of what I was looking for very early on in our conversations. They were confident in their abilities to find the talent I wanted and honest about what it would take to accomplish this. It was that confidence and honesty that made me hire them.

The Carmon Group spent the proper time with me discussing the role and the requirements. The weekly follow-ups were a nice touch that gave me extra confidence to understand that progress was being made in real time. By understanding what I wanted upfront, it really enabled them to move through candidates quickly and efficiently. They vetted the candidates very well and only brought me the really strong ones to interview. And I got what I wanted.

Our placed candidate had a short learning curve because she was highly capable, highly skilled and had significant experience domestically and internationally within the world of Private Equity. The transition was easy for her, for me and for the organization. She deals with the international complexities that other people would have to learn over time. The Carmon Group listened to what we needed and delivered accordingly. It's a job well done.

About the Company

Chromaflo Technologies is a premier global provider of colorant technology solutions, serving customers in architectural and industrial coatings as well as the thermoset composites market.