The Importance of: Community

We were in agreement that it was time for a new chapter. Lakewood Catholic Academy had achieved great success in its "start-up" phase, as we call it. But we needed to grow beyond it. Progressive leadership was necessary, plain and simple.

The search for the new President was an uphill battle. Posting ads got us dozens of the wrong candidates, and we lacked the time and internal resources to dedicate to the task. Our part-time search was getting us part-time results.

The decision to retain The Carmon Group was unanimous after speaking to three different firms. As the non-profit realm requires a diplomatic edge, their experience provided a delicate understanding of an extremely diverse board. They understood our scope and end game, and their active and philanthropic nature translated into their process with us.

The Carmon Group's unique process effectively and quickly drew out the strong candidates. They kept us abreast of the search progress with weekly phone calls and offered us expert recommendations, yet always with a sense of collaborative openness. The time and dedication to the candidate-screening process was exemplary and certainly effective.

Our new President catapulted us from our grassroots beginning to becoming an industry leader by implementing the first baccalaureate program in an Ohio elementary school. All the while, still managing the expectations and goals of the school with tremendous fortitude. Ultimately, his placement will take Lakewood Catholic Academy to a level of preeminence.

Our experience with The Carmon Group was beyond satisfactory. At the end of the day, their interests are genuine. They place the right person, in the right seat, at the right time.

About the Company

Lakewood Catholic Academy (LCA) educates tomorrow's leaders by providing the highest quality academic and religious education through an innovative and challenging curriculum. LCA is educating students to be citizens of a world that is increasingly global and diverse, and that students must be equipped to live in that world in a peaceful and productive fashion.