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Client Selection Criteria

We as a search firm are very careful in the evaluation of potential clients; similar to our process of qualifying talent for the organizations that we represent.  We look to partner with clients in a win/win relationship and where we will be positioned as a trusted advisor.  If these foundational components are not present, we will respectfully decline the opportunity to engage in a search assignment.

We expect and welcome businesses qualifying us as a potential vendor as well.  Our clients will state that we are highly selective about who we engage with on search projects. This level of qualification has created higher value and a stronger relationship than they have encountered with other search providers.  Additionally, candidates will mention that it has given them access to some of the best companies in the US, giving them greater career growth while enjoying the benefits of a great culture.

The following are criteria we assess when looking at a potential client.  If any one point is not a match, The Carmon Group will not engage in a search with the company.


A solid relationship cannot occur without trust and trust must be mutual.  Our clients pay us a significant amount of money to conduct searches and to find the best talent in the marketplace.  When a new company looks to engage with us, complete trust must be there to successfully move forward.  They need to feel in their heart that we will always do the right thing and look out for their best interests.

Shared Values

We partner with companies who share our values.  We believe in and work to live by strong Christian values.  Things like the Golden Rule, integrity, honesty and professionalism are key values for us and ones we seek in a potential client.


A successful search is created by a team effort.  When meeting with a potential client, we make sure the management team is on the same page as it relates to the acquisition of talent.  Additionally, we want to ensure that the company is willing to do their part in the search process.  This includes investing sufficient time with us to help us to understand their business and culture.  It also includes a commitment to keeping the search process moving efficiently as it relates to candidate interviews and to providing feedback on candidates in a timely fashion.

Ability to Showcase Their Company

The best companies are good at interviewing talent and great at showing potential candidates why their company represents a better career option.  We look for companies who understand this concept.  "A" talent is usually gainfully employed and when we attract their interest, we need to be confident that our client will showcase the career opportunity effectively with them.


At the core of talent acquisition is a human being.  Clients of The Carmon Group realize this and the fact that the vast majority of the talent we identify is gainfully employed.  Our clients understand a certain degree of flexibility must be there to have a successful search.  They also understand that at times we must all be creative to gain the right talent for their given role.

Solid Communication

There are many moving components in a given search project.  In order to effectively move through the process, communication is paramount.  We believe in honest communication and mutual feedback in a timely fashion throughout the project. 

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